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Whether you want to play like Lampard, Gerrard or Pirlo, all of them have aspects to their game that you could borrow; Lampard’s late, ghosting runs into the box, Gerrard’s pile driving, long range screamers, or Pirlo’s 50 yard pinpoint passes across the pitch, if you can bring some of their techniques into your own play you’ll improve no end.

Work hard for the team

Playing CM isn’t easy, it requires incredible amounts of running, N’golo Kante for instance runs (on average) 11.75km every single game. As a central midfielder you have to cover every single blade of grass on the field to put in tackles, spray passes and take shots. The more effort you put in for the team, the more influence you will have on the game.

Know your surroundings

The centre of the football pitch can be an area in which there is little room to manoeuvre, therefore when playing that position you need to constantly be aware of dynamics of the pitch and whether or not you have time to take a touch and turn or need to play the ball immediately.

As Andres Iniesta has said “Before I receive the ball, I quickly look to see which players I can give it to. Always be aware of who is around you: if you feel them closing down, take a touch to move the ball away from them.” This allows for your team to retain the ball and if the opposition don’t have ball then they cant score.

Play the ball

Continuing on from this, it is essential that when playing the the middle of the park that you dont give the ball away cheaply – doing this will allow the opposition to break quickly and catch your team on the break. To stop this from happening if you play the simple pass quickly then the chance of this happening is greatly reduced and you’re giving your team the best chance of having time on the ball to create a goal!

Switch up the attack

If the focal point of the attack is forever going up one wing it becomes increasingly easy for the opposition to defend against, that’s where the CM comes in. 

As you are positioned in the centre of the pitch you have a clear view of everything going on so you have the ability to move the play from one side to the other in order to stretch the defence and create gaps for the attackers to run through to get in on goal.

Now get out there and play!