Exclusive U.S. College Scholarship Trials For JPL Players

Junior Premier League players are invited to attend one of our upcoming football trials completely free of charge.

Find out everything you need to know about how we can help you earn a scholarship to study and play at college in the USA.

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  • Friday 5th April in Loughborough (Loughborough University)
  • Monday 8th April in London (Brunel University Sports Park)
  • Sunday 28th April in Surrey (Surrey Sports Park)


  • Monday 8th April in London (Brunel University Sports Park)

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about the trial

Our trials are nothing like the ones you have attended in the past and that’s really because we care. Soccer Assist’ trial days are lead by Ex U.S Scholarship Athletes and a team of support staff to make sure every trialist has a chance to be seen.

order of the day

presentation, q&a’s. videos: This is your chance to find out all the information about studying in the USA. We show a series of videos that have been created by current Soccer Assist athletes that are still in the USA so you can experience what life is like being a student-athlete.

physical test’s: University coaches require real data to make decisions. Each trialist will receive a PLAYR GPS Tracking vest which is to be worn throughout the entire trial. This allows us to report to coaches your sprint speed, power, and average distance covered.

technical drills: We deliver a variety of technical drills to ensure regardless of the position you play there is a chance to show your ability. During the breaks, trialists will be provided with a Science in Sports recovery pack to ensure energy levels are consistent throughout. 

matches: This is your time to show what you can do. We are not here to build a football team, so we expect you to show us your strengths and reasons why you deserve a scholarship in the USA

What we provide

You are provided full playing kit, a PLAYR GPS tracking vest and Science in Sports Supplements. Post-event, we provide each individual with their tracking vest stats and feedback highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. All trial day media content is published and promoted across our social media for you to use and share with friends.

What you need to bring

  • Appropriate footwear for grass/3G
  • Extra layers (weather dependent)
  • Drinks

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