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As the Lionesses compete in the quarter-final’s of the Women’s Euro’s this evening, we continue to shine a light on the rising stars of women’s football.

Currently playing for her childhood team before jetting off to America next summer, meet the 18 year old winger from Halifax – Caitie Jones.

Tell us about a time you faced an obstacle or challenge playing football as a female?

When I was in school there was no girls football team. The boys had about 3 teams and  so several girls asked our teachers to start a girls team. But annoyingly they started with the lower years first so by the time it came to my age I had already left.  So not being able to play at school was disheartening. I played for a local club since I was 9 though and it was great.

How do you manage your time currently between studying and training? 

I have just finished my A-Levels, luckily my pre-season training started on the day of my last exam so I have been able to manage them quite easily.

In the past when there were a few crossovers I would make a schedule and work out when you have training and plan your studying time around that.

What sacrifices have you made to get to where you are today?

I have given up other hobbies, for example, I gave up skateboarding because I kept getting injured. I had to stop playing Cricket because I just didn’t have time to play both to the level I wanted.

What is your ultimate goal in football?

I’m not sure yet. Just to take it as far as I can and continue to play and enjoy the game. I don’t have a specific goal, I just want to keep playing. I am really looking forward to going to America to play.

How do you think going to America will help you improve your game?

Women’s football is so much bigger in the U.S and obviously college sports are a massive thing over there. I think there will be more opportunities for girls to progress in the game in America.

It’s great seeing the game develop over here and I am loving watching the Lionesses at the Euros. But for me, U.S Soccer for girls is way more evolved and obviously the U.S Women’s Soccer Team is one of the best in the world.

Which female players do you look up to and who inspires you the most?

I would have to say Alex Morgan from the U.S and then Alice Linsell, my old coach who plays for Huddersfield Town.

In terms of sacrifices and managing your performances, how do you manage your nutrition, do you take particular care in what you eat?

Definitely. I try to avoid really greasy foods. I do enjoy a cheat day though once in a while. I really like fruit, I have always loved fruit ever since I was a child, so that’s my go to snack. I always make sure I eat well before training and games so I don’t pass out and I always stay hydrated. I don’t have a specific plan, yet! I just make sure I don’t eat too unhealthy.

You mentioned cheat days, what’s something you will miss most from the UK when you go to America?

 I have to say I’m gonna miss Gregg’s sausage rolls and general British foods, hopefully I come across a chippy at some point. Won’t miss the weather though

How do you manage your physical workload in training and matches when you are menstruating?

I would say it motivates me, when you’re out playing I start to become distracted from any pain. So the hardest part really is just convincing myself to actually get up and go to training and not use it as an excuse. I know it’s different for everyone and I can’t speak for everyone but i think if you can get yourself to training you’ll feel so much better for it.

Stay tuned for our next rising star Lola Meyer, the 16 year old from Kent hoping to play for Tottenham, via the USA!

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