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Shining the spotlight on one of the thousands of athletes that Soccer Assist have worked with to help study in America on a soccer scholarship.

This month we speak to Jodie Pallant who is currently studying at West Virginia Tech

Jodie didn’t attend a Soccer Assist trial day as she had built up enough video footage and highlights from games she had featured in.

After signing up with Soccer Assist in 2019, we successfully negotiated a top scholarship for Jodie to study Sports Management whilst representing the ‘Golden Bears’.

How did you find out about Soccer Assist?
A simple Google search. After deciding to go down this route I just searched for “soccer scholarships” online and found Soccer Assist. I emailed them and got a response within an hour.

What made you decide to go down the American College route?
I had always been interested in doing it because the level is good and the facilities are great. A lot of my friends actually went down that route and they all enjoyed it.

What made you choose West Virginia Tech and what is life like there for you?
The level of football is good, they had the major I wanted to do and the coaches were really invested in getting me to join. I am really enjoying my time out here – football, academic and social wise.

If you had to compare yourself to any professional footballer, who would it be?
Farah Wiiliams because we play in similar positions and have the same kind of style of play.

Who did you play for when you were a kid growing up in the UK?
My local team in West Sussex, Littlehampton Town.

What can you tell us about the level you are playing at now at College in America?
It is a really good level here. It is a competitive league and training is second to none. It really gives you the chance to improve.

What advice would you give anyone thinking of going to America to study on a Football/Soccer Scholarship?
Be prepared to work hard on both the soccer and academic side of things. Make sure you do not let one drop and make sure you enjoy yourself too.

Are you ready to start your journey to College in America?

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