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It’s semi-final day in the Women’s Euro’s and the Lionesses are looking to secure their place in the final for the third time in their history. Our final female of this summer’s Rising Stars campaign see’s the spotlight fall on exciting winger Lola Meyer.

16 year old Lola hails from Sandhurst Kent and currently plays for Woking Ladies. She impressed us at one our Autumn football trials back in 2020 and is looking to secure a scholarship to study and play in America in 2023!

Tell us about a time you faced an obstacle or challenge playing football as a female?

I feel like not just for me, but women’s football teams in general don’t play as many games as there aren’t as many teams, so it was often difficult finding competitive games to play in regularly. Lots of teams almost end up folding because of this. 

I also feel like trying to fit in school work and training can be quite stressful. But strangely at the same time, playing football also helps me deal with stress.

So how do you manage your time currently between studying and training? 

We are given a team training plan so when I’m not training it’s important to fit in studying. If I had free periods at school I would make sure to focus on work so that I could focus on training later.

In America when I’m studying and playing for my college I understand that the student comes before the athlete.

What sacrifices have you made to get to where you are today?

Losing friends on the football team. You obviously start at grassroots level and if you get opportunities from bigger clubs you end up having to leave the club behind and leaving the friends you have made as well.

What is your ultimate goal in football?

I want to go Pro! I would have to say playing in the Women’s Super League would be the ultimate goal. I support Tottenham so I would obviously love to play for them. I know several WSL players have taken the U.S College Soccer route so I trust and hope that this is the right pathway for me. 

Who’s your inspiration on the football pitch?

Alex Morgan. What a player, her achievements speak for themselves. It was great seeing her play for Spurs too.

What are you most looking forward to at college in America?

I would say just getting a top education whilst getting to play football everyday. But also giving up on some of the subjects i don’t enjoy, like maths.

And what advice would you give to any girls who might be considering taking the U.S College route?

While I haven’t been yet, I’m sure that this is a great opportunity that will bring so many amazing memories and opportunities for your future career.


Find out more about our women’s football trials, taking place at Stowe School this Friday.

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