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We had a chance to sit down with one of our recent student-athlete signings, Brenda Rokomaqisa. Here’s what the former Fiji international had to say about her experience so far.

– Tell us about your sporting background.

I started getting into sports from a very young age. Through primary, secondary and tertiary I was always part of all different sports teams; from football, netball, athletics etc… I joined an athletics team in the UK to start with my athletics career but didn’t get a chance to show as my family had been posted to Germany. In Germany, I was part of all sorts of sports teams at my high school, where I broke and set records on our SCE inter-schools athletic meets. Due to the closing down of our camp, my family moved back to Fiji, where I played football for my high school and a local team. I was then selected to attend trial camps for National U16 and U20 squad, which I got through successfully and played Australian and Newzealand youth teams. When football was out of season I joined a rugby team where I played my first debut and luckily got selected into the National extended squad. I moved back to the UK where I’m now currently playing for RAF Benson Lionesses and hopefully will be successful with the process of my application with Soccer Assist.

– How did you find out about Soccer Assist and why did you apply?

I came across Soccer Assist on Instagram. The page really got me interested as I was constantly watching their updates of stories with people attending trials. I applied with Soccer Assist due to the fact that it looked like a really great opportunity for me to show my skills and talent for football. Plus it was also an easier way for me to continue with my education aswell as playing the sport I love.

– Why did you want to undertake the scholarship route?

I wanted to undertake the scholarship route because I know I am able to be successful through this route. I’m always committed when it comes to football but I also know it’s not only about the sport.

– How have you found the SA process so far?

The process with Soccer Assist is going well, I find everything is well structured and organised. You have to be really committed and understandable to get through this process. Through the process, you get various calls just to keep you updated or reminded about the next few steps, which is really good because you get more explanations to widen your understanding.

– Would you recommend SA?

I would totally recommend Soccer Assist to anyone who has truly committed to football as well as education. Soccer Assist is a great company to follow through with, as they’re well structured and are willing to help you as an individual player to be at your best.

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