Your highlight reel is one of the most important aspects when it comes to securing a scholarship in the U.S.

It is important that you express yourself on the pitch as well as demanding a high standard from your teammates as the tempo of the game is noticed by the coaches. 

Below are some guidelines as to what US coaches are looking for in players.

Find Your Position

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Variety of distribution

  • – Throwing  (both overarm and underarm) 
  • – Kicking (both from hands and off the ground)

Shot stopping

  • – Reaction saves
  • – Handling 
  • – Organising after saving 
  • – Organisation in general

Catching from crosses

  • – Confidence in collection
  • – Commanding area 



Full Back


  • – Quality on the ball 
  • – Overlapping
  • – High quality crossing
  • – Quality passing on the ball 
  • – Good touches
  • – Decisions on when to go and when to stay 


  • – Successful 1v1
  • – Strong tackles
  • – Defensive heading
  • – Defensive positioning 
  • – Recoveries

Centre Back


  • – Strong tackles
  • – Defensive headers 
  • – Positioning 
  • – Communicating
  • – Recoveries 

On the ball

  • – Range of passing
  • – Penetrating passing to attackers
  • – Vision
  • – Attacking headers
  • – Travelling with the ball (when the time is right)

Centre Midfield

Defensive Midfield

  • – Defending positions
  • – Tackling
  • – Winning the ball
  • – Range of passing 
  • – Forward passing 
  • – Controlling the game 
  • – Vision

Box to Box Midfielder 

  • – Show how you can cover ground in defence and attack
  • – Getting on the ball and creating opportunities 
  • – Range of passing
  • – Forward passes
  • – Shots on goal
  • – Breaking lines of the defence

Attacking Midfield

  • – Creating opportunities
  • – Scoring goals
  • – Creating space/find space
  • – Breaking the lines and playing forward passes
  • – Drive with the ball
  • – Body position when receiving the ball 
  • – Decision making



  • – 1v1 ability to take players on and express yourself
  • – Vision of passing
  • – Positioning 
  • – Creating chances and scoring goals
  • – Being direct 
  • – Not being predictable. Sometimes come inside, other times stay outside 


  • – Following runners 
  • – Recovery runs


  • – Scoring goals
  • – Hold up play with back to goal and defender pressing 
  • – Bringing other players into play
  • – Defending from the front
  • – Working hard off the ball
  • – Creating chances
  • – Driving with the ball
  • – Taking players on
  • – Decision making – when to shoot and when to lay off 

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Client Testimonials

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Lewis Chambers

Colorado State University-Pueblo, Colorado

The transition from Hamworthy United (Wessex Premier) to Colorado State University-Pueblo has been life changing. If I went to university in England I would have probably stopped playing football. In America it is central to everything they do, I currently train four or five days a week, that was a massive factor in my decision. I am currently studying towards a Business Management Degree and coming to grips how my student commitments come first.
Competing within the NCAA is a huge step but I am quite extrovert, so it suits my personality. This experience is just another stepping stone towards fulfilling my dream of having a good time and playing football! I get on really well with the Head Coach of the soccer program apart from when he mentions my childhood team - Crystal Palace!

Emma Angari

Walsh University, Ohio

I have successfully graduated from Walsh University with a Nursing degree (2017). I was apart of the women's soccer team for four year, winning awards and accolades throughout my time. Since then, I have coached at my high school team and also work in hospitals throughout Ohio. I am open to sharing my experiences with aspiring student-athletes who want to make the transition to the U.S.

Simon Van Rheeden

Mid-America Christian University, Oklahoma.

I came across Soccer Assist after completing my Sophomore season at NCAA II Auburn University as I was looking for a new challenge in a different location. Soccer Assist has now helped me transfer to Mid-America Christian University in the NAIA where I will finish my bachelors degree and improve my soccer skills. I was born and raised in the Netherlands but decided to move to the USA as I knew the experience would be invaluable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in the USA as I have met many great people, visited many states and am now a part of a competitive soccer team.

Ellisha Clough

Mississippi University for Women



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