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We are happy to announce that Soccer Assist client Levi Morgan has secured a place and committed to North Iowa Area Community College on a soccer scholarship. Hailing from Hastings, the former Wadhurst United goalkeeper will be joining the Trojans’ soccer roster this fall.

Levi started playing from a young age and has always had a knack for keeping shots out. Wadhurst United had a solid goalkeeper in their squad but now Levi has grasped this opportunity to play soccer in the States and pursue his chosen degree. When speaking about his playing style, Levi is best described as a solid shot stopper.

The Trojans’ head coach, Leo Driscoll, is thrilled to have Levi on board and is excited for him to start playing in the NJCAA Division 1. Leo has worked as a coach for a number of years and is originally from the U.K. – a shared connection that will aid Levi’s player development abroad. Levi is heading to Iowa this August to begin his scholarship journey. See what’s impressed Leo so far:

Levi attended our Trial Day in London in December 2017 and has made significant progress since. Soccer Assist Director Junior stated that Levi is a “fantastic shot stopper who is always focused on improving his game. His communication on the pitch has improved fantastically throughout his time with us”. We want to wish Levi all the best during his time at North Iowa Area Community College and we look forward to seeing what he’ll do next.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Levi Morgan, contact us directly by registering for a call. To do this, please complete the form that can be found in the link below:

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