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Soccer Assist are delighted to announce they have recently partnered with Catapult Sports to launch their new product, ‘PLAYR’. PLAYR  is a brand new state of the art football technology which allows players to track, analyse and optimise their performance data within a match or training. It also incorporates a SmartCoach feature – giving personalised sports science advice to every player post session, on rest, recovery, nutrition and more.  Catapult asked for promising athletes to test and model the new equipment – so what better players to use then athletes who are heading off to play high-level soccer in America.

‘Using an advanced player tracking system that detects up to 1250 movements per second, PLAYR is the only Soccer SmartCoach application that gives you a GPS heatmap alongside sprint, distance and speed data. This technology has already transformed how professionals play the game, and now it’s available to the ambitious footballer at every level.’  Catapult Sports notes on the PLAYR website.

Here at Soccer Assist, we believe this new technology is a groundbreaking product for sub-elite football players and it will allow them to take their game to the next level. Our clients give the product the seal of approval. Soccer Assist will be looking to implement the PLAYR technology for our athletes during showcase matches and assessment days. This will allow our players to analyse the data of their performance and be provided with tailored advice to improve their overall performance, prepping them for their U.S. soccer adventure. 

PLAYR is now available in the U.K. and Ireland for £199 ($265), and Catapult is accepting pre-orders from the U.S. (shipping will commence later this month). Head over to the PLAYR SmartCoach website to find out more

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