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Soccer Assist are delighted to announce a partnership with Science in Sport, the leaders in endurance sports nutrition. Science in Sport is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative sports nutrition products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The SiS core product ranges include: SiS GO, comprising energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and shots; SiS REGO, including protein-based recovery powders; SiS Protein, products specifically designed to contribute to athletes’ lean muscle mass growth and maintenance; SiS Supplements, comprising BCAA Perform, Creatine, Beta Alanine and L Glutamine; SiS Athlete Health, vitamins and supplements range designed to support and maintain immune function, digestive health and bone health.  SiS products are sold in a range of retail channels, including specialist sport retailers, major grocers, high street retailers and e-commerce websites

The company, which is already trusted by over 640 English and Scottish soccer clubs have recently become Manchester United’s official sports nutrition partner. In addition, Olympians Sir Chris Hoy MBE, Mark Cavendish MBE and Adam Peaty MBE are Brand Ambassadors.

SiS has been supplying elite, regularly tested athletes, national and professional teams for more than 25 years

The partnership will provide all assessment day trialists with a selection of matchday performance nutrition, which is designed to help athletes maintain peak performance throughout games. Current Soccer Assist athletes will also benefit from the nutritional advice as they prepare for important games during their college seasons. 

For further information, please visit or to experience an SIS supplement book into one of our trial days by CLICKING HERE.

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