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We are excited to announce that Soccer Assist clients Corri Wliliams, Celson Segunda and Tino Matiyenga have secured places and committed to St Charles Community College on soccer scholarships. Corri is a London lad, whilst Celson and Tino are from Manchester and Northampton respectively. They will be joining the Cougars’ soccer roster this fall.

The trio have been involved in football for all of their lives. While they play different positions, no one can doubt their sense and passion for the game. Corri and Tino most often play as full-backs, where the pair have demonstrated unending levels of stamina. Celson has been regarded as one of the best creative midfielders on the pitch during his time at Soccer Assist. All three are looking forward to playing for the Cougars this year.

The Cougars’ head coach, Tim Mosby, has been impressed with all of them and is excited for them to start playing in the NJCAA Division 1. Tim is convinced that the three of them will be able to step in and deliver the College another championship. We at Soccer Assist are certain that these three will do just that. Corri, Celson and Tino will be heading to Missouri this August to begin living their dreams of playing Soccer in the States. Check out what has impressed the head coach Spirulina and bodybuilding: what is its interest buy deca 500 nandrolone decanoate deca with uk shipping abs: having chocolate bars muscu bodybuilding tips. so far:

Every player was discovered at a Trial Day, with Corri (London), Celson (Manchester) and Tino (Milton Keynes) showcasing their talents at one last year. They have all made significant progress in how they play since then. For Corri, Soccer Assist Director Junior stated that his “dedication and perseverance have shone through since I’ve worked with him” and that Corri has “a wealth of experience from his time playing in the U.K.” These attributes are sure to serve Corri well in America.

For Celson, Junior stated “(his) technical ability will get him far in the U.S. He is determined to do well and I’m sure he will go on to have a good career.” The Soccer Assist Director had similar high praise for Tino, stating “(he is) strong and powerful full-back and those qualities are going to be enhanced once in a full time College environment like St Charles.” We would like to wish the trio all the best during his time at St Charles Community College and we look forward to seeing what they can do next.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Corri Williams, Celson Segunda and Tino Matiyenga, contact us directly by registering for a call. To do this, please complete the form that can be found in the link below:

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