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We caught up with one of our recent signings, Harry Wright, one of the brightest talents coming out of Bournemouth about his reasons for joining the agency. Read below to hear what he had to say.

– Tell us about your sporting background.

I started playing football at my local sports centre when I was around 8 and I played as a Goal Keeper from when I was 8 until I was 10; at 10/11 I joined my first youth team, Bournemouth Electric where they already had a goalkeeper so I moved into Centre Midfield. I played for this team for the majority of my footballing’career’ and whilst I was playing for them, I also played for AFC Bournemouth Advance Development Centre for a year. In 2016, I moved clubs to Wimborne Town and am currently still playing for them. Aside from football, I have played Basketball and Rugby for my school; I used to play Rugby for a club called Oakmedians R.F.C when I was around 9 before deciding to stick to football.

– How did you find out about Soccer Assist and why did you apply?

I found out through a friend, Lewis Chambers, who used this company to get himself into university in Colorado on a scholarship and he told me that SA was an organised and helpful company that I should 100% look into. I applied because football is my passion and the opportunity to use high-quality facilities, play in amazing stadiums, receive high-grade coaching and play a high standard of football whilst gaining a degree, sounded like a dream to me.

– Why did you want to undertake the scholarship route?

I wanted to undertake the scholarship route because university is a financial strain on anybody unless you’re Bill Gates, so hopefully by gaining a high scholarship offer will help reduce the strain it would have on myself and my family if I’d had to pay full price. I also wanted to undertake the scholarship route as the opportunities out in America seem to be in abundance compared to opportunities that universities offer here, in the UK.

– How have you found the SA process so far?

I’ve found the process informative, professional and enjoyable; I have been given so much information regarding the company, the entire process and what to expect if I gain a scholarship offer that I feel prepared for anything that comes. The lads ran the trial highly professionally, as to make sure that everyone stayed focused and were given the best opportunity to show their worth but also made it enjoyable, as to relax the nerves which I found really helped me settle and play my game.

– Would you recommend SA?

Based on my experience so far – 100% yes.

If your journey sounds similar to Harry’s, get in touch to find out how a scholarship in America could change your life…

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