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Just how does the United States develop its world class talent in women’s football?
The answer is simple – College Soccer.

The majority of the U.S Women’s National Team have come through the college system, with players like Alex Morgan, Cari Lloyd and Christen Press all graduating and going on to win the Women’s World Cup.

We are now seeing more and more talent from the UK take advantage of this pathway, with international scholarships at Colleges on offer for top talent across the globe.

Scholarship opportunities for women are one of the reasons the game is thriving over there.

There are in fact more scholarships available for women than there are for men. The various divisions that college teams play in state that women’s teams can have a certain number of players in their team on a scholarship. For example, teams competing at the highest level (D1) can have up to 14 scholarships per team.



This gives girls more opportunities to gain an education and play at a highly reputable level.

Combining football and education in the UK has proven to be a challenge for most. Players like Rachel Daly have said themselves that they wouldn’t have been able to do this in England.

In the U.S however, Colleges offer a schedule that allows you to continue developing as a player whilst also giving you the means to earning a degree.


U.S Universities dominate the global academic institution rankings. Not only that, but students will have an unparalleled experience abroad and will graduate with a degree and C.V that stands out to employers worldwide.

With over 1,500 Universities in the U.S having a women’s soccer team, the opportunities are not scarce.

Soccer Assist has a 100% placement record when it comes to acquiring scholarships for our athletes. We work with all Universities across the U.S to get the best offer available.


The opportunity to travel around America to see various different states and immerse yourself in the culture is just one of the many benefits of living in America. The biggest worry students have is about getting homesick and how difficult it will be making new friends.

In fact it is the total opposite, as you’re not the only person going through this experience and most likely will be one of many international students on campus. The girls you train, eat and laugh with become your family and are there to support you throughout your experience to ensure it’s the best it can be!



We advise potential student-athletes to begin their application process 8-36 months in advance.

Discovery Call

This call allows us to understand your ambitions, academic background and university preferences. Our experienced consultants are on hand to walk you through the U.S process and answer any questions. We will also provide an overview about costs, how scholarships work and the next steps.

Once you fill in an application form please provide a suitable time to call. We do advise at least one parent to be present during the call. In the meantime please read through the information on our website and prepare any questions in advance.


Soccer Assist evaluates a student’s sporting ability and suitability for the U.S. route at monthly assessment days* that we host throughout the U.K. On this day, you are provided with NIKE training gear, GPS tracking vest, and Science in Sports supplements. The assessment days consist of 6 different technical sessions, followed by a match. Assessments run for 4 hours and are led by a UEFA A-licensed coach. Following this, we ask each participant to provide anonymous feedback on Trustpilot, which we use to improve our events.

(*fee applies)

Identify and Commit

You are called and informed of their assessment outcome within 48 working hours. Upon success, we schedule an “Identify” call to gather essential information and assess your suitability for the program and if suitable, you will be invited to enrol. Also, prior to the Identify call, you are emailed and asked to consider the following points:

  • Yearly budget (tuition, food & accommodation)
  • Preferred locations (3 U.S. states)
  • Preferred Degree
  • Our program offering and fees


Once you enrol in our program, a member of the placement team conducts an introductory call to find out your preferences and provide a timeline. 

We create your player portfolio and add to it any existing video footage. You will then be encouraged to participate in monthly showcase matches,  where we take additional video footage of you playing, to create professionally edited promotional videos to share it with the potential U.S. coaches. 


University offers are generated through both promotion of the player portfolio and in person at the showcase events. The Soccer Assist placement team then provides the relevant information regarding each offer to you before putting in direct contact with interested U.S. coaches. Soccer Assist then provides feedback on each offer, to helps you come to a decision that best fits your needs.

Once you have selected your preferred university, you will be required to sign a letter of intent. This means that you agree to attend that university for 1 year and cannot change your mind and opt for any other.

SAT / Eligibility / VISA

An important part of the scholarship process is achieving a good SAT score.

Securing a SAT score of over 1100 will gain you acceptance into many universities. This test assesses your academic potential through reading, writing and mathematics. Soccer Assist athletes will be provided with SAT preparation pack and online revision material. We advise student- athletes to take the test 12-24 months in advance, to attain their highest score possible. There is an unlimited number of re-sit options with this exam.

If students enrol into a NCAA or NAIA institution, you are required to go through the Clearinghouse process. This is an essential step in becoming eligible to play college sports in the U.S.

Prior to your journey to the U.S you have to be granted a F-1 Student VISA. This will grant you permission to study in the U.S for the period of your college career. Once accepted by your chosen university, the admission team will provide you with the I-20 which will allow you to apply for the F-1 Student VISA.

A VISA process video will be sent to each client, detailing what to expect and take to the VISA interview.

Preparation Camp (Soccer Assist Only)

Prior to departing to the U.S., Soccer Assist delivers an intensive 4-week pre-season camp, which ensures that you are physically fit and ready to perform once in the U.S. In that 4 weeks you train as a professional, receiving over 20 hours per week of UEFA A-level coaching. This is an essential part of the process, because we expect our students to hit the ground running in the U.S. and make a name for themselves. We do not want our students to sit on the bench!

Depart to the U.S

Now it’s time for our students to pack their bags and get ready for the best 4 years of their lives. At this point, their assigned placement consultant will support them throughout their college soccer journey at pre-agreed touchpoints.

Additional Opportunities

Challenger Sports coaching opportunities

Soccer Assist are partnered with Challenger Sports, the number one coaching provider in North America. Through this partnership our students are provided with the opportunity to work throughout the year (mostly breaks) to earn money that can help towards fees or living expenses.

There are a variety of part time and full-time roles available across challenger Sports business divisions (uniforms, tournaments, camps). For our players that have graduated and are in their OPT year, Challenger Sports offers a full year work offering with a pathway into a full time role thereafter.


Pro Soccer Combine (PSC)

PSC’s North American academy and showcase programs are headed by Tom Taylor and Simon Deeley. In the last ten years Simon and Tom have been responsible for over 475+ professional player placements in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the United States. They have driven PSC into becoming North America’s most successful combine and placement company and offer a realistic pathway into the professional game.

All Soccer Assist players will receive discounted spaces and access to pro opportunities post college.

All costs below are subject to change.


The following are a list of costs that are not included within Soccer Assist’s service fee that may be worth consideration. Please note, that not all will be applicable to you:


Flights to the U.S

£400 – £600

The SAT Exam


F1 Student VISA


Health Insurance

$300 – $600

NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Centre


Social Costs


High School Evaluation




Tuition & Fees


Financial Documentation


Every U.S college/university requires each enrolling student-athlete to provide proof of support during your time of study (financial eligibility/certified bank statement).



Showcase your ability and prove why you deserve a scholarship in the U.S



We host trial days nationwide for potential student-athlete.

STEP 1 – Step 1 – Book your place at an upcoming trial. Fee applies.

STEP 2 – Attend the trial and showcase your ability.

STEP 3 – Get an offer to join the Soccer Assist programme and let us get you the best scholarship deal.

Simply choose a trial day that works for you to start you journey to America.



  • Women’s Trial: London – Monday 8th April

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Client Testimonials

Check our our 5 star Trustpilot rating.

Lewis Chambers

Colorado State University-Pueblo, Colorado

The transition from Hamworthy United (Wessex Premier) to Colorado State University-Pueblo has been life changing. If I went to university in England I would have probably stopped playing football. In America it is central to everything they do, I currently train four or five days a week, that was a massive factor in my decision. I am currently studying towards a Business Management Degree and coming to grips how my student commitments come first.
Competing within the NCAA is a huge step but I am quite extrovert, so it suits my personality. This experience is just another stepping stone towards fulfilling my dream of having a good time and playing football! I get on really well with the Head Coach of the soccer program apart from when he mentions my childhood team - Crystal Palace!

Emma Angari

Walsh University, Ohio

I have successfully graduated from Walsh University with a Nursing degree (2017). I was apart of the women's soccer team for four year, winning awards and accolades throughout my time. Since then, I have coached at my high school team and also work in hospitals throughout Ohio. I am open to sharing my experiences with aspiring student-athletes who want to make the transition to the U.S.

Simon Van Rheeden

Mid-America Christian University, Oklahoma.

I came across Soccer Assist after completing my Sophomore season at NCAA II Auburn University as I was looking for a new challenge in a different location. Soccer Assist has now helped me transfer to Mid-America Christian University in the NAIA where I will finish my bachelors degree and improve my soccer skills. I was born and raised in the Netherlands but decided to move to the USA as I knew the experience would be invaluable. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in the USA as I have met many great people, visited many states and am now a part of a competitive soccer team.

Ellisha Clough

Mississippi University for Women



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