A down payment to begin your U.S college experience! To date, we have a 100% placement record.



Our total service fee is £3,000.


In order for the process to begin, our player agreement contract is required to be signed and returned. An invoice will then be issued stating the payment options you selected. Please see payment breakdown below:

Payment option 1

Payment 1 – £3,000 (Within 7 days of signing the agreement.)

TOTAL – £3,000 Paid.

Payment option 2

Deposit – £1,500 (within 7 days of signing the agreement.)

2nd PaYMENT – £1,500 (Due one month after the deposit.)

TOTAL – £3,000 Paid.

Payment option 3

Deposit – £1,000 (within 7 days of signing the agreement.)

2nd PaYMENT – £500 (Due one month after the deposit.)

3Rd PaYMENT – £500 (Due one month after the 2nd payment.)

4th PaYMENT – £500 (Due one month after the 3rd payment.)

5th PaYMENT – £500 (Due one month after the 4th payment.)

TOTAL – £3,000 Paid.


what we offer


Soccer Assist operate in a regulated field, where, under National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, agents and representatives cannot guarantee placements or scholarship support, nor can they charge fees dependent on receipt of scholarship offers. They work with student athletes to ensure that they have the best chance of receiving a scholarship offer(s) and support them through the application process, specifically covering the following;

Preparation & representation

  • Access to showcase matches with attending U.S. coaches.
  • Access to recorded showcase game(s).
  • Video portfolio created and formatted, shared with prospective universities.
  • Access to Soccer Assist’s residential training camp in July (additional charges apply)
  • SAT exam introduction (Scholastic Assessment Test’s are used as entry guidelines for US universities)
  • SAT preparation pack.
  • Introduction to SAT tutor(s) (additional charges apply)

Offers and Placement

  • Obtaining tailored university / college placement offers.
  • Brokering the scholarship deal and providing details on each university / college offer.
  • Guidance through the appropriate clearinghouse process.


  • Step-by-step guidance through the selected university / college admissions process.
  • Step-by-step VISA guidance.
  • Introduction to health insurance providers.

Post admission

  • Support / Alumni opportunities.


The below guidelines are what we look for when recruiting student-athletes. However, we assess each application on a case-by-case basis.

  • Achieved at least 5 A*-E at GCSE level or equivalent.
  • Currently enrolled or completed a BTEC National Level 3 or minimum of 2 A-Levels courses at a sixth form or college.
  • Completed high school in the local country (International).
  • Currently studying towards a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Former/current professional academy player.
  • U18 semi-pro/Non-league player.
  • County, district, national player.
  • Currently in a college football scholarship programme.
  • You must be able to speak fluent English or score the necessary requirement on the TOEFL.
  • You must have a clean criminal record or the process for applying for a Visa will be very difficult.



Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our scholarship experiences:

How long does the process take?

U.S Universities recruit student-athletes up to 3 years in advance. To gain a top scholarship in the U.S, we advise you begin the process 18 months prior.

How do I begin the process?

Fill out an application form Here and one of our consultants will get in touch to find out more about your profile and explain the next steps.

Where are your trials held?

We hold our trials in various locations throughout the UK, Click Here to find a venue near you.

How do I pay for a trial?

Whilst you’re applying you will be prompted to register for the trial through our payment gateway (Stripe).

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is awarded to athletes that demonstrate academic and sporting excellence. Scholarships allow you to receive a degree at a discounted rate, leaving you debt-free.

How long is University in the U.S?

University degrees range from 2-4 years depending if you choose to attend Junior/Community college (2-year program) or a 4-year University.

Can I become a professional from this experience?

You train full time at top class facilities. At Soccer Assist, we always tell our clients to focus on preparing yourself, as opportunities will come. If you have the right attitude and prove that you can excel at University level, it is in your hands to see how far you can go.

Are U.S and UK degrees the same?

A Bachelor’s degree in the U.S is recognized across the globe. In this competitive world having a unique experience of studying in the U.S can make you stand out from the crowd, especially to employers.

What makes Soccer Assist different?

The reason why we created Soccer Assist was because of our experiences using other agencies. We want to create a service that works with you and is completely tailored to your needs. Not having the necessary support whilst in the U.S is a feeling many international students shared, so our aim is not just to get you over to the U.S but to work with you throughout your 4-year experience.

What is the SAT?

A mandatory exam all student-athletes need to take if attending 4 year institutions. However, you are not required to sit the SAT exam if you attend a junior/community college as your high school grades will permit you to enrol.

What is the cost of the assessment day?

To reserve your spot for an assessment day, we have a £100 fee. The reservation fee is to be paid before the event as we do not accept payments on the day.

Can I study a Master’s degree in the U.S?

You can complete a master’s degree in the U.S, but we address each case individually – so complete an application form and one of our consultants will evaluate your profile.

How do I know if I am good enough for a scholarship?

Our assessment days are designed for us to assess your sporting ability and evaluate your academics. From your performance, we will decide if you meet the criteria and a member of the Soccer Assist team will contact you within 48 hours.

Who covers the remaining percentage after the scholarship is offered?

The student-athletes and his/her parents are responsible for covering the remaining costs.

What happens if I am good enough?

The next step is for you and your parents to attend the online interview session with one of our consultants. The process and scholarship insight will be presented for you to evaluate whether the U.S is the right step for you.

Who decides what scholarship offer to accept?

Soccer Assist will provide all clients with background information on offers received. At this point, we recommend you also do your own research, arrange a time to speak with the coach, as you have the final decision when committing to a college/university.

Can I come back to the UK during my time at University?

You have the opportunity to come back to the UK during the Christmas & Summer break periods (December – January, May-August) Please note the flight tickets are your expense.

What happens if I get homesick and want to quit?

We understand this is a big step; leaving your family, friends, and country, but studying in the U.S will end up being the best decision you make. We advise if you are feeling homesick, to see the remaining year through and we will review once you are back in the UK.

Can I lose my athletic scholarship?

Athletic scholarships are no guarantee at a four-year education. If you do not meet the requirements of your scholarship then it is possible to have your contract terminated. Athletic scholarships are yearly contracts that are signed by the athlete and the school. The school is able to decrease the amount you receive, increase, or cancel scholarship hereafter. Below are potential ways you could lose your athletic scholarship:

  • If you violate the NCAA rules
  • You become ineligible with a GPA lower than 2.0 – This may result in the coach terminating your contract.

What is an NLI? (National Letter of intent)

This document officially commits an athlete to a university. Once the athlete signs on the dotted lines – this indicates the end of the recruiting process. It is important that the athlete reads the terms of the legal contract and it is fully understood. You will no longer be able to contact or be contacted by another coach.

What is an IRL? (Institutional Request List)

All athletes must first be registered with the eligibility center of the NCAA Clearinghouse. The eligibility center has incorporated a new policy where all athletes must be placed on an active institutional request list. Your coach would need to contact the eligibility center on your behalf in order to make this possible. Once you have been placed on an IRL, you will be able to receive an athletic scholarship and be eligible to compete at NCAA Division 1 or 2 institutions.

Still have some questions?


Our consultants are on hand to guide you every step of the way, we endeavour to contact all enquiries within 24 hours.

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