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Next up in our summer series, in collaboration with Miss Kick, we caught up with 19 year old Catherine from Liverpool.

Catherine is heading to America this Summer on a soccer scholarship to play for the Iowa Lakes Lakers, the soccer team for Iowa Lakes Community College.

A skillful central midfielder, Catherine couldn’t be more excited for her journey ahead.

Why did you choose to study and play in the U.S.A?

I went to America last summer to do some coaching and really enjoyed it. I loved the way they do football over there. It’s so different and I am now looking forward to experiencing that as a player. 

Every session is meticulously planned out for each player’s position – for defensive plays, attacking plays. So I’m really looking forward to learning more tactically.

How have Soccer Assist helped you get a Soccer Scholarship

I literally just googled “football scholarships in the USA” after hearing about Lucy Bronze’s college career. 

Soccer Assist have given me a lot of information and support about this route and there is always someone on hand there to answer any of my questions.

I went to one of the Soccer Assist Women’s Trials and was impressed by the detailed information given. My parents were impressed too which obviously helped push me in this direction.

So you are flying over for Pre-Season this August, what will you miss most about home?

I’ll actually miss some classically British things – like tea and biscuits. I’m not sure they do that right over in America.

I think I will like a lot of their snacks, but I’ll miss some from here – hopefully they have Fruit Winders.

I’ll miss my dog, she’s a cockapoo called Luna and she’s great. Of course my parents, but I’ll be back for Christmas and other holidays.

Who’s been your biggest inspiration in football?

It would have to be Leah Williamson because of  everything she has achieved with England. I’ve been following women’s football since about 2015 and following Arsenal Women as well as my home team Everton.

So tell us about your playing style?

I like to mirror Leah Williamson in terms of her leadership as well as attitude and composure on the pitch, but I’m a centre-mid who likes to distribute the ball around – I guess you could say a bit like Cesc Fabregas. 

Can you tell us about a particular obstacle or challenge you have had to overcome as a female footballer?

I used to play in a 5 a-side league with the boys at my high school. They would only let me play one game with them every time. I was the only girl in the team and it was frustrating, but I just put it behind me and I searched for a girls team to play with. Two or three teams in my local area had disbanded, so accessibility to the game was the biggest challenge. 

I also think that once girls reach college they decide not to play the game anymore – maybe that’s because of accessibility or because they prioritise other thing. But that’s when I really wanted to push on. So I had to look around and I found some open age teams. I played with girls or women older than me, they were 18 and above and I was 16 but I really enjoyed it.

How do you balance your time between football, studies and a social life?

I like to plan out and schedule my day so I know what I am doing. I’m very organized, which is a discipline. I’ll then plan my friends and social life around that schedule. 

So have you had to make sacrifices to get to where you are today then?

Yeah as I say – not hanging out with friends. I’ve had to miss out on things like group holidays or events. I’ve had to step away and focus on football and training. 

It is tough, I do get FOMO, but I do feel it’s worth it. I have to reiterate to myself that it’s for a reason and if I don’t stick to this, I won’t achieve my goals!

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal in football is to play to play professionally for my hometown club – Everton. Then it’s got to be for England!

How do you find the Miss Kick Training Wear? Do you think there needs to be a difference between men’s and women’s sports clothing?

Definitely. As a kid I would always get boys ‘hand-me-down’ kits. They were always too big and I would have to tie them up.

The Miss Kick training wear is so comfortable. It’s the first time I’ve worn it and everything fits better – the shorts feel tailored to my thighs which means I don’t feel restricted.

I see a lot of brand ambassadors for Miss Kick and I really like that. I think that helps give other girls confidence to play the game and express themselves while playing

Who’s going to win the Word Cup?

If England doesn’t bring it home it will either be Australia or America. 

Who’s going to win WSL next season?

Tougher one to answer – Arsenal hopefully, otherwise it will be Chelsea again!

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